Education and leisure

At WT Distribution and Services, we serve educational institutions, gyms, fitness clubs and shopping malls with solutions for bathroom sanitation, floor treatment, food handling areas, among others. They are products and equipment of high performance and also accessories that aim at the optimization of costs for our customer.

Corporate offices

The well-being of employees and customers interferes with business performance, and a clean, sanitized environment provides positive results for businesses. We offer hygiene solutions for bathrooms, floor treatments, surfaces, among others. We also work with personal hygiene products and accessories through loan agreements, aimed at optimizing costs for the client.

Food services

We have the solution for the exact size of your business, whether it’s a restaurant, cafeteria, bistro, bakery or industrial kitchen. These are products and equipment that aim at food safety in order to comply with the legal inspection requirements in the food segment.

Hospitals, clinics and laboratories

We offer clinical and hospital hygiene solutions aimed at the safety and well-being of patients and professionals in hospitals, clinics and laboratories. We have products for different types of environments and different performances, from hospital infection control to cleaning products for kitchens, laundries and bathrooms.

Hospitality and tourism

We offer hygiene and cleaning solutions for motels, hotels and hospitality inns. Our products provide wellness and conservation in diverse environments, from the reception area, rooms, bathrooms, restaurants to the common areas.


The industrial segment requires high performance and technical compliance. We offer cleaning solutions and professional cleaning with high technology, functionality and performance. We have a complete line of products, machinery and equipment to serve industries in many different segments: food, beverages, meat industry, among others.

Laundry services

We offer solutions to meet the market needs of commercial, industrial and hospital laundries. Our products and washing systems reflect the search for sustainable results. The technical knowledge of the WT team, coupled with the quality of our products, provides process efficiency, cost optimization and less harmful impact on the environment.


The hygiene and cleanliness of any establishment impacts its success directly. Whatever the size of the supermarket, we offer the perfect solution. We work with Hygiene Plans that don't interfere in the circulation of clients, that optimize the routine of employees and guarantee the safety of the food.

Clinical Nutrition

We specialize in the distribution of Enteral Nutritional Therapy (TNE), Infant Formulas and Supplements in hospitals, clinics, home care, long-stay institutions, schools and points of sale (POS). Through our qualified technical team, who interact with healthcare professionals, we seek the best nutritional solution for the patient at any stage of life. Innovation, commitment and the search for results lead us to establish partnerships with leading brands in the market, such as Nestlé Health Science and Nestlé Nutrition.


We distribute prosthetic components and internal and external oral implants from Conexão Sistemas de Prótese, a leading company in the area of Dentistry.